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Antwoorden op algemene vragen over de kampen.

Uw kind zou op het kamp aan moeten komen op Maandag en vertrekken op Maandag (binnen de vastgestelde data).

The Erasmus University Residence, where the young people are accommodated, is located on the site of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and the football coaching takes place at Real Madrid Valdebebas Sports City.

Boys and girls are accommodated in separate units. They are placed in rooms with other children of a similar age. If there are young people attending the camp together, for example friends or family members, who want to be in the same room, the camp makes attempts to put them in the same room, but please note that this can be can’t be guaranteed in all cases.

Unfortunately not. During this time of year the players are either on holiday or taking part in an international competition.

We recommend taking as little money as possible. Since the costs of accommodation and meals are covered in the price, the children only need money, for example, if they want to buy a drink or snack from the camp’s vending machines or perhaps a souvenir during the excursions they make outside the camp.

Once you have reserved at place at the camp you will be sent a detailed list of all the things your child needs to take to the camp. As a general rule this includes sports clothing, casual wear and personal toiletries.

The camp participants will receive:

  • A kit from the Real Madrid Foundation (shirt, trousers and socks)
  • Water bottle
  • Cap
  • Souvenir photograph
  • Certificate of attendance



Antwoorden op vragen over de registratie en het boekingsproces van de kampen.

To reserve a place at this camp you must fill in the registration form or contact us. Once you have registered, you will need to pay a deposit of 900 Euro. The balance must be paid 4 weeks before the start of the camp.


Antwoorden op vragen over hoe naar het kamp te reizen, ophaal- en begeleidingsdiensten en vervoer van de kinderen tussen de verschillende kampfaciliteiten.

The camp offers an optional transfers service whereby participants are collected by camp monitors on arrival at Barajas Airport.At the end of the camp they will be taken back to the airport.

If you prefer you can accompany your child to the camp.


Alle veiligheidsinformatie over het kamp om uw vragen te beantwoorden over: begeleiders, medische diensten, kampuitjes en kampveiligheid.

Dit kamp staat geen bezoeken toe.

The participants can speak to their families by phone. However, the camps restrict the time for phone calls to one hour a day within an established timetable. There is no Wi-Fi connection at the camp.

No, children are not permitted to leave the camp without being accompanied by a member of camp staff.

We recommend that your child does not take valuable objects into the camp because the camp cannot be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal belongings.

Medical assistance during the camp is covered by means of private insurance. Participants should also bring a photocopy of the Social Security health card.


Antwoorden op algemene vragen over de kampen. Intern functioneren, ouderbezoeken, tijdschema's.

Dit kamp is gericht op kinderen in de leeftijd van 9 en 17 jaar.

Ja, meisjes kunnen deelnemen aan het kamp, maar alleen op specifieke data. Groepen zijn gemengd- jongens en meisjes trainen gezamelijk.

De jongeren krijgen 15 uren training.

Er is/zijn Eén trainer Per groep, de groepen bestaan maximaal uit 20 studenten.

  • Official football coaching programme of the Real Madrid Foundation.
  • Accommodation in residence in double rooms.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner)
  • Transport to training ground and to locations for leisure and entertainment programme.
  • Leisure and entertainment programme in the evening and at weekends.
  • Camp staff who supervise and look after participants.
  • Sanitas medical insurance
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  2. Ervaring in de sector
  3. Makkelijke betalingsopties
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